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TT Russo Sans Font Download

Russo Sans is a modern extension of the legendary free font Russo. The font became more trendy and smooth. Now this is a text fontfamily. We added in this fontfamily new typefaces and support for many codepages and languages.

The fonts are very convenient to use in web, mobile apps and in desktop computers.

The font family Russo Sans contains many languages and alphabets, as well as compatible with other TypeType fonts.

Goma Mono Font Download

Goma Mono

Goma Mono is a display monospaced rounded sans serif font built in ten styles. This family, with five weights, covers a wide variety of character due to the large difference in thickness.

The typeface can be used perfectly in display sizes and logos, but is also suitable for small texts.

Goma Mono is released with 414 glyphs and includes Open Type features.

Cayenne Font Download


Cayenne is a all caps hand-lettered font in three weights, two dotted versions and an outline and an inline font.

Diversa Std Font Download

Diversa Std

DSType proudly presents Diversa Std, the same system as Diversa, but with separate styles: Serif, Serif Stencil, Inline, Soft Serif, Sans, Sans Stencil, Slab, Slab Stencil and Baroque.
Diversa Std: Because uniformity still sucks!

Gravitas Font Download


This font owes its inspiration to the Bauhaus, the celebrated 1920s design collective which more or less invented modernism as we know it in the applied arts: from architecture and industrial design to graphics and typography.

In its day, Bauhaus typography would have been considered brutally modern. Nowadays, when unadorned sans serifs are commonplace, it still has a freshness and quirkiness that sets it apart.

With this new release I've tried to recapture the zeitgeist of those pioneering days.

Shentox Font Download


During a visit to London in 2008 I fell in love with the square font used on the British car number plates. I was immediately inspired to start working on this font and have been developing it intermittently ever since.

Several more trips to London and the project evolved before it finally took off and became Shentox. Despite the starting point being inspired by simple, everyday car plates, the font soon evolved into something fine and very rich in detail.

Even though the square genre is very restrictive, Shentox is a highly legible contemporary font with a full range of weights, useable not only as a display family for headlines and posters, but as a distinct, clean font family for branding and general editorial use (Especially magazines).

It has been carefully drawn paying extra attention to the details, high end finishes that makes Shentox a safe font for use in large scale work. For example, the curves of every individual corner have been adjusted character by character to avoid the common problems encountered with square fonts (Eg.

darker corners between weights or a visually inconsistent radius between the Upper and Lowercases as a result of copy/paste). Shentox italic, which has a 12 degree slant, has been corrected to avoid distortion when slanted.

The radius of the upper-right and lower-left corners are more pronounced, giving it a more fluid Italic feel. Shentox is available in Open Type format and includes ligatures, tabular figures, fractions, numerators, denominators, superiors and inferiors.

It supports Central and Eastern European languages. This type family consists of 14 styles, 7 weights (Thin, UltraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold and Bold) plus italics.

Alverata PE Font Download

Alverata PE

Gerard Unger’s new typeface Alverata is a twenty-first-century type-face inspired by the shapes of Romanesque capitals in inscriptions of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, without being a close imitation of them.

It is additionally based on the early twentieth-century model, but tweaked so as to prevent blandness and monotony.

Alverata performs beautifully in both screen and on paper, delivering excellent legibility.

Its letters are open and friendly in small sizes and lively and attractive in large sizes. They are robust, and show refinement in their detail. More…

Unger’s Alverata is an extensive type family, with versions for both formal and informal applications, and with Greek and Cyrillic relatives.

Alverata consists of three different fonts: Alverata, Alverata Irregular and Alverata Informal, that vary in form and width, but maintain the same spirit.

The Irregular version is particularly inspired by the Insular letterforms, the uncials, and their constantly changing positioning.

Alverata strikes a balance among Europe’s diversity of languages, combining contemporary typographical practices with features of medieval letterforms, from the time when Europe came into being.

Visually, some written languages, such as Czech and Maltese, differ quite strongly from languages like English and German, notably because of their many accented characters.

While other typefaces will show this difference, Alverata removes it. As a result, Alverata enables harmonious convergence of languages. 

For the development of the Greek letterforms, Unger collaborated with Gerry Leonidas (University of Reading) and Irene Vlachou (Athens), and with Tom Grace on the Cyrillic letterforms.

Ritts Cursive Font Download

Ritts Cursive

The most relevant characteristic of this typeface exhibits a compact and regular shape slightly condensed and fluently connected. Its glyphs are emulating the look of handwritten characters with ink.

Their exuberant graphic strokes with sharp edges maintain the influences of printed types produced by mechanical process.

Unlike most of the italic type of today, the capital letters are as high as the ascending lower-case.

The brush script style (Originally designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for the ATF) inspired many contemporary and beautiful typefaces like Wisdom Script, Mission Script, Marketing Script, Motion Picture, Thirsty Script, Lobster, Lauren Script, Deftone Stylus and many others.


This font has more than 700 glyphs, Central European languages support, including Open Type features, swashes, and contextual stylistic alternates.

Old style figures, discretional and standard ligatures, case sensitive and a set of tails and ornaments.

AT Move Straw Font Download

AT Move Straw

STRAW The inspiration for this capital alphabet came from those beautiful haystacks you see in summer and the old fashioned Mikado game! We wanted to create a light, fragile and airy typeface with an optical effect.

And here it is ... STRAW.
Concept/Art Direction: Andre Toet - Design: Jasper Nijssen - 2014 SODesign.

LiebeDoris Font Download


Inspired by a workshop with iconic American sign painter Mike Meyer, Ulrike of LiebeFonts set out to create a versatile, lovely typeface for sign painting that looks not at all like a font but rather like the letters on a unique, hand-painted storefront sign.

LiebeDoris combines the best of two worlds: the beauty of all-American sign painting and the meticulous craft of German engineering.


Each and every letter in each of the four different styles in LiebeDoris was hand-painted on large sheets of paper with a brush and ink, then carefully transferred for digital typesetting.

So rather than being one typeface with different weights, think of LiebeDoris as a package of four individual designs that go together very well.

Advanced OpenType features enable this font to really shine: every letter in this all-caps font comes in four variations, so that two of the same letters typed in a row won’t look the same, giving a truly handmade charm.

(This feature requires layout software or a word processor with OpenType support.)

And if you do have a storefront or a restaurant menu to prettify with LiebeDoris, you will love the integrated collection of store-themed catch words like “FREE”, “NEW”, and “SALE”.

If you fall in love with LiebeDoris, you may also like our other best-selling fonts,
LiebeErika and LiebeRuth, or our whimsical pictogram fonts such as LiebeMenu.